AM2C Mechanical Bone/Meat Separator


AM2C Meat/Bone Separator


Separating meat from the bone structure with superb yield.

This machine is capable of processing many types of meat, poultry or fish with a very high yield.
AM2C is one of the leading companies in the market for separating machinery. Well known for it’s extremely durable and easy to maintain machines that will last for decades.

Turn your waste into a new opportunities and products.

  • Type: SM2050 NM2FCA
  • Serial: 988
  • Year 2001

General benefits

  • High Yield through high pressure
  • Easy to use, maintain, clean, assemble and dismantle
  • Pre-breaking in the separator
  • Low increase in temperature because of a slow rotational speed of the product
  • Low maintenance cost

Technical specifications.

  • Processing per product per hour
    • Chicken input capacity:  5500-8800 lb/hr
    • Turkey input capacity: 5500-8800 lb/hr
    • Pork input capacity: 2200-3300 lb/hr
    • Fish input capacity: 5500-8800 lb/hr
  • 37kW/ 50HP/ 68A
  • Hopper Capacity Cubic feet: 14 cu ft


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